Living in a traditional folk house from old times
What's Kominka

 'Kominka' is approximately 100 years old house built by wooden traditional Japanese architectual method.
 The method of wooden joinery structure with the central pillar and the thick beam does not use nails and it is said to last for hundreds of years when it is well kept.
 Kominka gives various recreated traditional life styles from more than 100 year ago with structures such as in farm house,residences of samurai families,mercantile house, and residences of wealthy families.

 Kominka has been dismantled recently due to increase of vacant dwellings and new-built houses and it enhances rarity value now.

 Recently , it's getting popular and attracting interest to renovate traditional architecture 'Kominka' and have a country living life in the good old days.
 We offer comfortable living with modern appliances for a kitchen and a bathroom by housing improvement while keeping traditional structures and view for the house. Also the house can prolong its life and provide high structual safety by renovation.

 Many kominka locate in a region richly endowed with nature. You can enjoy your slow living , growing vegetables for your family , admiring the magnificent views , and getting absorbed in your hobby. You can live with the blessings of Japanese nature.

Traditional Exterior

Traditional Exterior
Kominka is a wooden traditional architecture built more than 100 years ago.
Japanese room

Japanese Tatami room
Feeling a traditional atmosphere of Japanese culture all around.
Ceiling joist

"Hari",That is, Wooden beam
100 years old Kominka has large and thick 'Hari' on the ceiling. They create a splendid appearance and atmosphere in Japanese architecture.
Antique tools and furnitures for refined life

Antique tools and furnitures for refined life
Living with more than 100 years old retro furnishings.
Peaceful and Pastoral landscape

Peaceful and Pastoral landscape
Many of Kominka can be seen in a rural regions. Living in natural surroundings catches a great deal of attention nowadays.
Classy rooms

Classy rooms
Highly sophisticated rooms engage people's hearts and minds.
Comments of a custmer moving into a ‘Kominka’.A family who traveled around the world came to find in the countryside near a city where still keeps good old days.

Mr.Ken Yonetani who is a Japanese contemporary artist and his wife Julia from Australia.
The family moved into Kominka in Nantan Kyoto Japan in 2015 after living life on the move throughout the world, Germany, France, Finland, Turkey and Singapore.


What drew you to Kominka?
Ken:This is an historic place for about 400 years and you can tell it from an attic that has remaind thatch roof
   and thick pillars unchanged.
Julia:It has a beautiful patio.
    It is just like a Mediterranean house with a place to get together.

I heard that you have taken over the farm land from a former owner and started on agriculture.
Ken:It came as a surprise to people around that we are going to farm this large land with no experience.
   We tryed to farm manually at first, but it took too long so we gave it up lol
   We borrow an agrimotor and receive advices from neighbors to get it going.

They take life easy for creative activity, farming, and raising children in the country.
How about Kominka life in Nantan or Kameoka in Kyoto?

Both Nantan and Kameoka cities are in big demand because they are close to the amenities of a large city,
Kyoto and also in the country view.

Only 20 minutes to Ancient Kyoto
- one of the world most historical architectures of visited cities
and near Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, and Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine.

Historical city Kyoto - Japanese culture in full bloom

10minutes to 'Arashiyama' - located many famouse shrines and temple and is scenic spot for autumn leaves.

Kameoka has famouse tourist attractions itself - 'The Sagano Scenic Railway ( the trolley train)' and 'The Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride'.

< Must - see Attractions in Kameoka >
Sagano Scene Train

Sagano Scene Train ( Sagano Torokko )
A dilightful sightseeing train line drawn by a diesel-electric locomotive runs along the Hozu river between Arashiyama and Kameoka offers fantastic views of nature and the gorge.
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Hozu river Boat Cruise

Hozu river Boat Cruise
The Hozu river with its depths and rapids , reflects four seasons on its surface along the revine from Kameoka to Arashiyama gives you a thrilling two hours trip.
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The Kameoka Sunflower Garden

The Kameoka Sunflower Garden
It opens every summer.
The Kameoka Dream Cosmos Garden

The Kameoka Dream Cosmos Garden
It opens every fall.
Kameoka Festival

Kameoka Festival
The festival takes place every year in October. The picture above shows "yamahoko" ( decorative floats ) which are the main feature of the festival. Rows of many stalls are found and floats are decorated with lanterns on the street at night. You can see spectacular sight of floats which are towed by many people through the city streets on the last day of the festival.
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Mitsuhide Festival

Mitsuhide Festival
It's the memorial festival of the first load of " Kameyama Castle ( an old castle ruins ) " , " Mitsuhide Akechi ". Local participants parade throughout downtown dressed in costume of Mitsuhide Akechi and put on Yoroi armors ando Kabuto helmets for historical re-enactment.
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Come and ask as, Nakagawa Juken , Inc. about Kominka in Kyoto!

Katsuyuki Nakagawa

 Hello, my name is Katsuyuki Nakagawa, the representative director of the company. We have offered country life with many Kominka revivals around Kameoka and Nantan cities area. As a local company, we play a role of preserving traditional houses while new buildings have mushroomed in urban areas.
< The sales results are the best in Kameoka >

We have a long standing solid performance in selling many Kominka.
The following pictures are some examples.
  • 南丹市八木町

  • 南丹市園部町

  • 南丹市園部町口司

  • 亀岡市旭町

  • 南丹市八木町

  • 南丹市八木町野条

  • 南丹市日吉町田原古民家

  • 亀岡市千歳町千歳古民家

  • 南丹市園部町口人田舎暮らし

< Full support for you in English >

You might feel anxious about language, real estate transactions, and new life in Japan.
We are willing to make a full support for you from moving procedure to the start of actual life in Kyoto.

We also make arrangements with a judicial scrivener, a land-and-house-investigator, a lawyer, a financial planner,
and a bank clerk if necessary for matters relating to the new house and daily living in the future.

If there is anything we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact with us.